Sleeping Baby Perfumed Jelly 500 G


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Sleeping Baby Perfumed Jelly is a petroleum jelly-based product that is primarily designed for babies and young children. The product is intended to help moisturize and protect the skin. Particularly in areas that are prone to dryness or irritation. An example is the diaper area.

The product is typically applied to the skin using the fingertips. It can be used daily as needed to help soothe and protect the skin. Some parents also use Sleeping Baby Jelly. They used it as a barrier cream to help prevent diaper rash and other forms of irritation.

Sleeping Baby Perfumed Jelly is usually formulated with a range of gentle and non-irritating ingredients, such as petrolatum and mineral oil. This  help to lock in moisture and protect the skin. Some formulations may also include other ingredients, such as chamomile extract or aloe vera. The  can help to soothe and calm the skin.Overall,

Sleeping Baby Jelly is a popular choice among parents looking for a gentle and effective way to protect and moisturize their baby’s skin. It is typically safe for daily use and can be found in most baby care sections of drug stores and supermarkets.




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