Clinic Clear Whitening Beauty Set

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Clinic Clear Whitening Beauty  is a body cream with fruits acids and whitening complex. This is developed to whiten, moisturise and purify your skin. It is also enriched with vitamin A and E to protect and promote skin care. Hence, protect your youthfulness, soften your skin, refreshes and makes and make it so much sensation.

The serum of Clinic Clear is an exfoliating pigment erasing solution; use for the whitening of dark pigmentation of the skin. Particularly, Knuckles, Feet, Knees and Elbow.

The serum also hydrates while the lotion exfoliates peels off rough and tough layers of the skin, giving you a radiant, smooth and glowing skin. While a continuous usage of the soap as a combination gives you the perfect glow.

For that natural QUICK action Skin Toning, go for Clinic Clear Whitening Beauty


DIRECTION FOR USE: – Apply on dark spots on hands or feet, wait a couple of minutes till it is absorbed and then moisturise your hands with the serum.

1 Lotion – 250ml,  1 Soap and

1 Cream/Tube – 50g

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